More than 42,000 Bosnians work in Slovenia

In Slovenia, one of ten jobs is done by foreigners and nearly ten percent of all employees in Slovenia are foreigners, and their number grew by 19.5 percent for only a year, to 87.700, which is two percent more than in September.

According to data from the statistical office of Slovenia, most foreigners come from Bosnia and Herzegovina (42,600), Serbia (10,800), and Croatia (7,500).

Most of them are employed in construction (23,400), production (20,300), transport and storage (14,800).

The report states that the number of jobs created in Slovenia increased to 885,700 in October.

The number of employed grew by 0.9 percent in comparison with November and by 3.2 percent in relation to the same period last year.

More than half of the employed foreigners are men, their number increased by 0.8 percent compared to September, which is 486,600, while the number of women employed increased by 1.0 percent, which amounts to 399,000.

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