More than a thousand Citizens and Miners at the Protest

Last night, more than a thousand citizens of Tuzla gathered informally in front of the management of the Kreka Coal Mine to express their support for the miners who have been fighting for several days to preserve their status.

“If it’s dark for the miners, then let it be for everyone,” is the unique message of the citizens of Tuzla who gathered last nightto protest in support of the miners who have been fighting for several days to preserve their status.

With the lighting of 101 torches, chanting, and messages of support for the miners, the people of Tuzla have shown that they support reputable workers who have been trying to find a common language with the authorities for several days. However, there is no progress, but the situation in the electricity sector of our country is becoming more complicated.

This gathering was emotionally welcomed by the members of the miners’ union, considering that the citizens showed them that they support their fight.

“The gathering is of great importance to us since we see that the citizens support us, but, unfortunately, authorities don’t. Citizens are the treasure that we would not give to anyone. On the other hand, we are completely ready to start all production capacities and we want that. But through workers ‘disobedience we want to convince the authorities that the situation that we experience now must be seriously monitored, “ said Sinan Husic, president of the FBiH Mine Trade Union.

Djulsa Kalabic was among those gathered last night. She has been working at the Lignite Mine in Mramor since 1982. Djulsashould retire in May next year, but she cannot claim with certainty that this will happen.

“We have not been paid for seven or eight years of service. I just don’t know how the state could have allowed the miner to fight in this way. We ask the state and the citizens of Tuzla, as well asother cities to be like the residents of Sarajevo who gave us all possible support. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts,”Kalabic emphasized.

Last night’s gathering in Tuzla passed without incident, and the event was closely monitored by the officers of the Police Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tuzla Canton.



Source: Klix.ba



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