Morgan Freeman on Bosnians: You are special, You always forgive

Morgan Freeman2“It is my pleasure to be here. You are very special people, you went through some terrible things and somehow you manage to live with all of that and you are calm. In our emissions, we are talking about that kind of human heart. You experienced that kind of horror, but instead of hating people who did that to you, you forgive them. And we know from history that forgiveness is a very powerful weapon,” said Morgan Freeman, who visited BiH last week.

Famous BH journalist Senad Hadzifejzovic asked him whether he got an idea of who are Bosnians, and Freeman said that he knew who we were.

He added that all citizens of BiH must have a common identity in order to live in peace.

“In order to live normally and together, you should all be Bosnians,” said the actor.

Although he looks like a 60-year old, Morgan Freeman turned 80 couple of days ago. He noted that he owes that to the fact that he is trying to enjoy his life.

On the statement of Hadzifejzovic that people in the region are frustrated and losing hope, and that Freeman is a real example of a man who always had hope, Freeman stater that it is never too late and that you always have to hope because without the hope you have nothing.

“Hope is the last bastion of defense of life. You always have to have hope that things will be better tomorrow, that something better will happen tomorrow, or today, or just a little bit later. If you quit, then you can just lie down and die right then and there,” said Freeman.

When asked whether he is aware that he is much more than an artist and actor, Freeman modestly said that he is an actor who travels and nothing more.

“We are just acting, just pretending to have power, to be some personalities, but we are not, we are just ordinary people. I’m just an actor who enjoys his job,” concluded Freeman.

To recall, Freeman visited BiH and Srebrenica due to the shooting of his documentary film. The famous actor is filming part of documentary series entitled “The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman” in our country, which will be broadcasted on the National Geographic this fall. The series consist of one-hour episodes that will cover topics of love, faith, war, peace, freedom…

(Source: faktor.ba)

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