Mostar bathed in Sunshine, beautiful Weather took Citizens on the Street

After a bit colder and foggy morning, when the sun rises above the valley and daily temperature reaches pleasant 15°C, the city of Mostar gets its spring look. This look is contributed with café gardens that are particularly busy. Citizens of this beautiful city drink their coffee slowly, in a real Mediterranean way and without any rush.

Monday is the first day of a new working week for many people who like to spend their breaks in café gardens. When the weather is like this, breaks are longer as well. Zrinjevac Park is full of children, and many of them are playing with their frisbees, walk ing around or simply just enjoying the sun.

January is quite far from the tourist season and tourists are not so frequents in this time of the year, so tourist workers use this time to complete all reconstruction works on their buildings and other works for which they do not have enough time during the season.

Tourists who come to Mostar in this period can enjoy the fact that the city is literally theirs. No one will be bothering them while making their best selfie in Mostar, and unlike summer days, it is easy to find a place in catering facilities as well. January is maybe even the best time to visit Mostar.

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