Tunnel of Hope: Expansion of the Museum soon

Tunnel of Hope radiosarajevo.baIn the Memorial complex Tunnel D-B, an extended museum exhibition as well as brochures for blind and visually impaired visitors were presented yesterday.

The Sarajevo Tunnel of Hope is a significant facility for Bosnia and Herzegovina, its survival and all those who experienced war, the besieged Sarajevo and lack of basic necessities for a normal life. The museum, which is now located on the Butmir side of the former tunnel, filled the cantonal budget with nearly 900,000 BAM only during last year, thanks to ticket sales.

In 2014, the Tunnel was visited by nearly 100,000 interested people, while that number increased to 120,000 in 2015. Dina Memić, curator of the Memorial complex Tunnel D-B, highlighted that projects implemented in late 2015 and early 2016 were exceptionally successful.

Muharem Fišo, Minister for Veterans Issues of the Sarajevo Canton, reminded of the idea of expansion of the Memorial complex with the aim of exploiting the entire tunnel under the airport.

“We want to obtain the permit for revitalization and use of the entire tunnel under the airport runway and that request is already in the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The facility is completely coated in reinforced concrete and the entrance from Dobrinja is already bought and protected. Regarding the technical acceptance of the facility, it is already completed and we intend to expand service of the tour across Igman, the Igman road all the way to Pazarić and then on the other side towards Vogošća,” Fišo said.


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