Mostar Hostel “Majdas” among the best in the World

Hostel Majdas from Mostar was proclaimed one of the best in the world, at the choice of the HOSCAR organization.

This organization performs an annual ranking of hostels around the world, and the importance of the prize is shown by the fact that this choice is mentioned in the Forbes magazine.

As it was reported, HOSCAR is actually an annual ranking of hostels by visitors. The aim of the award is to show that it is possible to find excellent accommodation at an affordable price, and Forbes writes that this award for the hostel world is like the Oscar in the world of movies. The awards were based on about one million ratings, ie personal visitors experience in 2017, who stayed through Hostelworld, which is headquartered in Dublin, and tracks a total of 33.000 facilities in 170 countries.

The criteria for choice are total visitor experience, price, safety, location, staff, atmosphere, cleanliness and equipment.

“Hostel Majdas in Mostar was awarded in three categories, including the second prize for the best small hostel in the world and the third place for the best hostel in Europe,“ Forbes writes.



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