Peace March: Participants departed from Sarajevo

Thirty-eight articipants of the Peace March “Sarajevo Nezuk Potocari 2016” departed this morning from Sarajevo, and they will cross about 260 km long road in a total of eight days.

Organized column from Sarajevo will join the participants of the Peace March in Nezuk, from where they will continue to Potocari where they should arrive on the 11th of July, the day of the collective burial and funeral of the victims of Srebrenica genocide.

“We all know why we’re going, and when a man has a pure intention, kilometers are the least problem. Inflammation of muscles and blisters were our biggest problems so far, and we are solving them on the go. It’s not as hard as it looks when expressed in kilometers,” organizers said.


This is the seventh Peace March from Sarajevo and the number of participants is increasing from year to year, and dozen of them are participating from the very beginning. Among the participants of this year’s march are also foreign citizens (from Turkey and Serbia).

Peace March is held in memory of the several thousand citizens of Srebrenica who passed a long way to find salvation in Tuzla in July 1995.

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