Mountaineer of the Year: Maja Alikadic exceeded more than 200 Mountains in a Year

maja alikadic patria 4Maja Alikadic was pronounced for the best mountain climber in 2015, in the election of the Association for support and development of sports tourism “Aventur” in Sarajevo.

Although she is a young mountaineer, Maja has crossed hundreds of miles of trails in B&H and the region for a year. She visited more than 20 most famous peaks in the country.

“Mountains Maglic, Zelengora and Prenj have left the greatest impression on me. Zelena glava on Prenj has particularly impressed me. I always enjoy coming back there and it manages to amaze me every time,” said the mountaineer Maja.

The love for the mountain was not accidental for Maja. Her grandfather Dzemal Repak was a known B&H mountaineer. He was one of the founders of the Mountain Rescue Service in Mostar back in the ‘70s.

maja alikadic patria 1“Hiking is one of the most wonderful things that a young person can give to himself/herself. When you fall in love with the mountain, you can hardly give up on it,” said Maja.

Director of the Association “Aventur” Muamer Drugovac reminded that the Association is gathering hikers, climbers, speleologist, cyclists … It was founded three years ago. Members of “Aventur” work every day in order to promote sports tourism in B&H, which is very important for mental and physical health.


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