Municipality Center Sarajevo reserved 100.000 BAM for ZOI ’84

Continuing with the long lasting practice of supporting Sarajevo sport centers, and with the aim of improvement and development of sport, the Municipality Center Sarajevo granted the loan in the amount of 100.000 BAM to the ZOI’84 Olympic Center Sarajevo for the purpose of building small ski lifts.

The collaboration between the Municipality Center and ZOI ’84 lasts for several years and has a goal of affirmation and promotion of winter sports in Sarajevo.
Thanks to the financial support of the Municipality Center Sarajevo, the Management of ZOI ’84 has put a big number of baby ski lifts in function.  There are currently 4 baby ski lifts on the area of Babin do on Bjelašnica. On the same location is a children’s park where they annually organize the School of skiing. All needed equipment for the park on Bjelašnica and Igman are already secured.

It is important to stress the fact that small ski lifts and sites were visited by 350 students from Primary schools of Canton Sarajevo. The Olympic Center Sarajevo ZOI ’84 has secured the equipment for small ski sites in the amount of 500.000 BAM.


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