Government of RS will help students from Banja Luka who had a bus accident in Croatia

Prime minister of RS Aleksandar Džombić said that the Government of RS will help the students of Faculty for Architecture and Civil Engineering, who had a bus accident, early this morning in Kutina in Croatia, while they were returning home from Graz.

The accident happened on the highway A3, when the bus ran off the road and turned over.

Dean of the Faculty Milenko Stankovic confirmed that besides minor injuries, fear and shock, none of the students was seriously hurt.

Two students with minor injuries remained in hospital in Sisak, and one student was transported to the Clinical Centre of Banja Luka.

Other students are already on their way to Banja Luka, and a delegation from the Ministry of Education and Culture of RS was sent to bring them.

Prime Minister Džombić sent his gratitude to Croatian emergency medical services, fire and police units that responded quickly and adequately in helping the injured students.

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