Two new Hydro Power Plants on the Gostovic River to put into Operation?

riverOn the suggestion by the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Waterpower Engineering, the Government of the Zenica-Doboj Canton reached a decision of implementation of procedure for awarding concessions for the use of drinking water from the main water supply network “Suha-City of Zavidovici” for the construction of mini hydro power plants “Prekidna komora” with 52 kW of power, which is to be installed on the ninth kilometer of the Gostovic River, and “Hlorna stanica” with a power of 54 kW, which is to be constructed on the eighteenth kilometer of the Gostovic River at the territory of the Municipality Zavidovici.

In order to be awarded the concession, besides the general terms and conditions for the selection of the most favorable offer, the bidders must enclose bank guarantees for the amount of at least 20 percent of the total amount of investment, and offer the amount of current concession fee which is not to amount less than five percent of the total income of mini hydro power plants, as well as the minimum amount of one-time concession fee of 11.500 BAM, and engage domestic business companies for the execution of works.

The concession for two new mini hydro power plants on the Gostovic River near Zavidovici is granted for the period of 30 years, counting from the beginning of the production of electrical energy.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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