Police Officer arrested during Distribution of Narcotics in Bosnia

Members of the State Investigation and Protection Agency, on the order of the Una Sana Canton Prosecutor’s Office, arrested a police officer, an independent investigator of the USC Ministry of Interior, due to a well-founded suspicion that he committed the crime of unauthorized production and distribution of narcotics.

In the previous period, investigative actions were carried out on the basis of which it was documented that this independent investigator was otherwise engaged in the distribution of narcotics, and during the search a larger quantity of narcotics was found in his possession.

Acting on the order of the Municipal Court in Bihac, SIPA’s officers searched persons, vehicles and a residential building, and on that occasion discovered and temporarily confiscated a certain amount of marijuana, money, mobile phone, ID card, restraints and a gun.

After the criminal investigation, the person deprived of liberty will be handed over to the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office.

The search and arrest were carried out as part of an action code-named “Soft” directed against the unauthorized production and distribution of drugs.

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