Lower Transportation Prices: Students will no longer buy Monthly Passes?

Cheaper Tickets for Students oslobodjenje.baResolution of the problem of payment of student tickets for public urban transportation was the topic of yesterday’s visit of the Minister of Transportation of the Sarajevo Canton Mujo Fiso to the Rector of the University of Sarajevo Muharem Avdispahic.

“Our suggestion is to pay the ticket compensations when enrolling in the school year. Therefore, the tickets would be half-annual or annual, actually semestral “, explained Minister Fiso on this occasion, adding that in this way the price of ticket on a monthly level would be far lower than it is now.

Moreover, a special regulation would be adopted, which would exactly specify which students would not pay the ticket compensation during the enrollment.

The Rector Avdispahic supported the suggestion of the Minister Fiso and pointed out that the University of Sarajevo is strongly committed to take over the role played by all the leading universities in developed countries, and that he is aware of the responsibility which this institution has in the development of BH society.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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