The Only Museum in the World that keeps Memories of Childhood during the War

Museum of War ChildhoodOn the way to the museum, which is located in the Logavina Steet, there is one thought – one spring day like this in 1992 changed everything. The war started in April that year. Suddenly were interrupted childhoods, stopped lives and Sarajevo started to live under the longest siege of a city in the modern history.

Each of the exhibits is a story for itself. Those who remember that period or were born during the war, can recognize some of the exhibits and understand the happiness when they got things like that as children. For example their first Walkman. Thanks to the efforts of employees, audio and visual effects, now others can experience this as well.

None of the exhibits can be singled out as “the most special”. Each of them is talking about unfulfilled dreams and little desires, missing and losses. There were important to preserve – which fully justifies the function of the museum. About the metaphorical value of the museum wrote the Turkish Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk in his Museum of Innocence, where the main protagonist of the novel collects all the objects that are connecting him to the woman he loves, in order not to forget her.

If we should set aside only one of the settings, it is certainly the setting of wrappers in which groceries and other products arrived in the besieged Sarajevo during the war. For this collection, the famous BH comic book artist Filip Andronik entered the Guinness Book of Records.

The story of the creation of the museum is actually based on the book “Childhood in the war”.

“I always had a desire that deals with the experience of childhood in the war. I did not know how to do that, and in the end, I was thinking for months, maybe even years, of a possible concept for this book and I came to this concept of short memories. And everything else somehow worked out naturally. While I was working on the book and talking to people, I realized that a lot of them are keeping a number of things, so that is how was born the idea of the Museum of war childhood,” said the founder Jasminko Halilovic.

“Both the book and museum are somewhat unique. The book as the concept of ‘1000 people, 1000 memories’ and Museum as the only museum in the world that deals with this experience, i.e. this topic, are very well received wherever we presented it,” said Halilovic.


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