Necropolis in Gorsic Polje is a Cultural Heritage

The site with the necropolis Gorsic polje is located in the village Hrancici near Gorazde. Formerly, it was neglected but thanks to members of the Association Cultural Heritage it became one of the most visited and interesting places in the region of BPC Gorazde, part of the heritage that was not left to oblivion. Instead, thanks to activities and field investigations of members of this association, five years ago, necropolis Gorsic polje was identified as a valuable cultural and historical treasure that was not evidenced in the expert literature or adequately protected by the existing legislation.

Gosric Polje is a medieval necropolis and is part of Bosnia’s treasured heritage consisting of 324 tombstones decorated with lilies, sickles and stars. The necropolis is positioned in semicircular rows where the distance between the stones is almost identical, showing the precision in tombstone placement even in ancient times. The necropolis is protected by the Commission for Preservation of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The site gained international recognition in July 2016, during a conference in Istanbul, becoming listed as a World Heritage site.This necropolis is amongst 28 others, from four different countries, that are included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. No conservation or restoration work has been carried out and it is still in its original state.

Necropolis was included in 22 localities from B&H that were nominated for the inclusion on the List of world heritage UNESCO.

During the visit to the necropolis, attendees tasted traditional Bosnian meals, pies, cheese, cream, hunter’s stew and variety of jams and juices.

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