Need for Dialogue and agreed Solution for Open Questions with Croatia

The Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zeljko Komsic met with Representatives in the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia and President of the Party Nova Politika Vlaho Orepic on Thursday.

Interlocutors talked about a series of open issues between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, among which the need to renew the talks between members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as an institution with the constitutional powers to conduct foreign policy, and high officials of the Republic of Croatia in order to address the open issues of the two countries, with a focus on resolving the demarcatization at sea.

The need for dialogue and agreed solution of this, as well as all other open issues in the relations between BiH and Croatia, was highlighted.  During the meeting, it was agreed that Croatia has undisputable right to build Peljesac Bridge, but with the necessity of democratization of the sea between two sovereign and friendly states, respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina without threatening all rights under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea that it has.

In addition, they also discussed other open issues between the two countries, such as the border issue at the river Una, the use of the reservoir Buško Lake, the question eventual disposal of radioactive waste along the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the location of Trgovska Gora in the Republic of Croatia, and the question of the undisclosed property of BiH in Croatia.  In addition, they also talked about NATO perspectives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the need for cooperation on security issues for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, such as the migration crisis.

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