Nesic: The Deadline for the Agreement of the Opposition in RS is End of January

DNS President Nenad Nesic stated that this party remains in favor of an agreement with SDS, PDP, and others, but if the opposition’s actions for the next elections are not based on the principles of mutual respect, the formation of a third bloc is possible.

After a meeting with the leaders of several opposition non-parliamentary parties in Banja Luka, since the meeting was not attended by representatives of SDS and PDP, Nesic told reporters that the deadline for the agreement was the end of January until the DNS “extended its hand”.

“If that agreement is not reached, or some parties voluntarily come out with candidates for incumbent positions by then, the formation of the third bloc for the next elections is inevitable. In that case, we will be a healthy and patriotic opposition,” Nesic mentioned.

Further, he emphasized that the DNS, as the second strongest party in the opposition and with stable membership, will never accept humiliations and ultimatums from any party or be their satellite.

Nesic noted that the opposition candidates for incumbent positions should be those who, according to public opinion polls, have the greatest support from the citizens and that a joint agreement should be reached in that regard.

He stated that at least when it comes to the DNS, Radislav Jovicic and he are appropriate candidates and added that the formation of the third bloc, if it happens and there is no mentioned opposition agreement with SDS and PDP, “there will not be service to the current government related to the next general elections “.

“Unfortunately, this opposition is doing the greatest damage to its people today, with its ridiculous behavior,” said Nesic, adding that the opposition in Republika Srpska (RS) is “incompetent”, which has been shown for so many years.

When it comes to the fact that the leader of the SDS, Mirko Sarovic, openly supported the deputy Nebojsa Vukanovic, who was against any coalition with the DNS, Nesic told that he did not read Sarovic‘s statement, but stated that he would speak out.


Source: BHRT

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