New Amusement Park: Zip Line opened in Jablanica

Jablanica is richer for a new attraction after the zip line was completed, which will undoubtedly attract fans as part of the tourist offer of the town in the Neretva canyon. 

The 170-meter cable car connects the lookout point above the railway on the left bank of the Neretva and the plateau between the Battle for the Wounded Museum and the Turbina City Stadium on the right bank of the river. 

The author of the project, zip-line engineer Dani Rahimic, told Klix.bathat the zip-line has already been successfully completed and tested, and that work is now being done on training people who will work on this tourist attraction. 

Zip-line, as he notes, enables the descent over the Neretva and provides an unusual view of the popular Battle of the Wounded bridge, which is in the reconstruction phase and will undoubtedly complete one tourist offer in this city. 

“The zip line is 170 meters long and it’s not much, but the location is attractive and very interesting for that place. People like to try something new and it will certainly be an attraction for the citizens of Jablanica, but also for tourists who visit this place,” said Rahimic. 

The official start of the zip-line will be made official by the Municipality of Jablanica, which is also the initiator of the project. The value of the project is 40 thousand BAM with VAT, and half of the funds were allocated by the Municipality of Jablanica, while the other half of the funds were provided from UNDP, Klix.bawrites.

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