New Business Center FIS to Hire 180 People

fis-bihac-galijasevic-gudeljIn the presence of large number of citizens, mayor of Bihac Emdzad Galijasevic and owner of FIS Vitez Company Pero Gudelj, a new modern business center FIS was opened. The worth of the business center is approximately 14 million BAM, was stated on the website of the City of Bihac.

180 employees will be employed in this business center. Its area is about 10.000 square meters.

With retail sales of consumer goods, there are also additional facilities, such as restaurants, coffee- pastry shops, hair and beauty salon, drug store and pharmacy.

“Although some individuals were hindering this project, we managed, with the support of the city government, to open today a modern business center that will offer a wide range of products to customers“  said Gudelj.

According to him, in the next 10 years he plans to hire new 2000 employees and it is his life goal. Galijasevic thanked to the company FIS Vitez for deciding to build such a modern business center in Bihac, in which 180 people got jobs.

“This is domestic company, that employs more than 3.100 employees and therefore we are supporting them, because all of us have to buy domestic products and strengthen domestic economy“ said mayor Galijasevic.

FIS Company in the UNA- Sana Canton (USC), except in Bihac, has its sale centers in Sanski Most and Cazin.

Over 20 companies have worked on this project, and greatest of them are: Sirbegovic Gracanica, Hodurnik Cazin, Linden quarry Bihac, Galic trade Bihac, etc.




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