Who is the new Director of Motorways of FBiH?

adnanterzicAdnan Terzić is the new acting director of the Public Enterprise Motorways of FBiH. Government of this entity gave consent for his appointment and it will be just another one in a series of high political and business functions performed by Terzić in the past twenty years.

Terzić stated that he is happy because of the new business venture and he assessed the function of director of Motorways of FBiH as one of the most demanding roles he performed during decades of his presence at the local political and business scene.

“This job is certainly very demanding, perhaps even the most demanding one after the function of prime minister, but it is also challenging. We have projects, clear and precise goal, and I must admit that it is a challenge for me that the Government chose me to lead such a serious business. We still have time to arrange things. With a rapid organization and communication we can reach the position where we do not lose any of the announced projects which the banks want to finance. We must make a working, not a political environment,” said Terzić.

You can take a look at the property chart of Adnan Terzić in the database of the Center for Investigative Journalism. It is stated there that he owns a weekend house of 96 square meters on Vlašić, while he sold the apartment in Sarajevo. He currently lives in a rented apartment. His wife drives a Chevrolet Aveo from 2009.

Complete property chart is available here.


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