New Employment at Banovići Mine

rudnik banovićiAmong the more than one thousand and a half applicants at the management competition of the coal mine in Banovići the most qualified for the job will be selected in the pit Omazići and the services of information and communication technologies.

The competition has closed, and the admissions procedure for 127 employees registered with the Local Employment Services will end no later than one month.

During this time, the machine for digging up the coal will be set, and investments are worth 20 million KM.

“This is the most valuable post-war investment in underground coal mining in the FBiH. This is a huge complex consisting of 71 sections, with the accompanying electrical equipment, coal crushers, hydraulic train, power stations, and etc. There are also experts from Poland and Germany who are mounting sections in the pit. On the surface there will be monitoring system set up to monitor all processes within the pit. Thanks to this investment, automated underground mining will soon start’’, said Nevad Ikanović, the Technical Manager of the mine.

Of the 127 new employees who have been accepted by the last open competition, only 3 IT professionals will work in the mine directorate and if necessary on the boards of mining operation. Others will be assigned to work in underground mines.

“Among the rest of the of the coal mines in Banovići we have a trend to decrease unemployment in comparison to last year. In December in Banovići we had on record 5.400 unemployed people, and at the end of April this year there were 5.307. This is 93 less people’’, said Halil Mujić, Head of Employment Services in Banovići.

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