New Flights with Tuzla Airport

wizairThe airline company Wizz Air will establish a new line from Tuzla to Base starting on 15 June.

“Thanks to Wizz Air, we believe that it would benefit the wider region in the field of economy and tourism due to the new line connections between Sweden and Switzerland. We are delighted to see the response of the BiH market and expect to have more than 60.000 passengers through the airport in Tuzla in the first year of operations’’, said the Director of Corporate Communications of Wizz Air Daniel de Carvalho.

Carvalho thinks that the lines between Sweden and Switzerland would help the economy and tourism and establish new and necessary jobs.

“After the establishment of these flights, we expect to agree in the next period to open lines to other destinations, as well as additional activities in cargo traffic, which would give an additional contribution to the development of the economic potential of the Tuzla canton’’, in a statement released from the Office for Common Tasks of the Tuzla Canton by the the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Transport Senaid Hadžić.

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