New Hit Show: The Fairytale Told by an Idiot

VH-Bajka-25-03-2014-27The Fairytale told by an Idiot speaks about the lost identity. Unknown man wakes up on other world and realizes that he does not know who he is. God and representatives of different ideologies approach to him and try to persuade him to go with them. To accept their rules. To forget who he is and to accept the current and offered version of himself. To subordinate. The struggle lasts till the very end, and the result is unexpected, at least for Gods.

Premiere was played in March and the show caused  great interest of audience, thanks to the great direction by Emir Kapetanovć, exceptional acting by Zana Marjanović, Vanesa Glođo, Dragan Jovičića,Admir Šehović and Moamer Kasumović and to songs composed by Haris Saračević. The show was inspired by the sketches for drama “The Fairytale told by an Idiot” by Lana Bastašić.

This show is a fairytale for adults which, through the amazing ensemble, on the entertaining way, through circus points, songs and choreographies, offer the positive solution for our future…

“The Fairytale told by an Idiot” is on the repertoire of Kamerni Theater 55 on 13th May at 20:00 o’clock.



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