New Law on Cigarettes in BiH

1000_1475586883cigara-pusenje-auto-410216With the entry into force of the new Law on the control and limited consumption of tobacco and other smoking products on the market of BiH, selling of certain types of cigarettes and tobacco products that are currently available will be prohibited.

“The production and sale of cigarettes that are containing compounds with more than ten milligrams of tar, one milligram of nicotine and ten milligram of carbon monoxide per cigarette is forbidden,” as stated, among other things, in the pre-draft of the Law on the control and limited consumption of tobacco and other products for smoking.

These conditions must be fulfilled by all imported tobacco products, especially cigarettes, besides cigars and cigarillos, pipe tobacco and rolling tobacco.

Also, for sale will be prohibited tobacco products, especially cigarettes and rolling tobacco that are containing vitamins and other additives that are creating the impression that a tobacco product benefits health or that it is any less dangerous for our health, caffeine, taurine and other additives and stimulants that are often associated with energy and vitality.

Also will be prohibited all those products that contain additives that have paintable properties of emissions, with tobacco products for smoking, additives that facilitate the inhalation of nicotine through the mouth or nose and additives that contain CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic) features in its unlit state.

Results of a survey from 2012 showed that 54 % of adult respondents in FBiH are exposed to passive smoking in their homes, 44.4 % in their workplace, and 52.7 % in a public place. The most common victims of passive smoking are children and pregnant women.

According to the Health Insurance and Reinsurance of FBiH in 2015 for only five diagnoses of malignant neoplasms or cancers that are linked to smoking was allocated almost 70 million BAM, and in the last five years, almost 330 million BAM. However, smokers are against this law because they believe that it jeopardizes their legal rights.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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