New Prices of Gas in BiH as of New Year


Nermin Dzindic, Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry at the Federal Government, asked from the BH-Gas Administration on Thursday to make an analysis and assessment with the aim of reducing the price of gas for consumers in the Federation from the New Year.

Dzindic wants, no matter how much the price correction might be, from BH-Gas to reduce the sale price during the heating season, Dnevni Avaz learned.

The Minister stated in the memo that reducing the price of gas during the heating season and from an environmental point of view would be of a particular importance.

“It is true, I sent a letter to do the analysis, because there are elements to correct the price, ie to make the gas cheaper. I am waiting for feedback to see what percentage it will be in order to be adopted by the Government as soon as possible. I promised this a few months ago, because we are entering the heating season and I think the price of gas can be lower,” Dzindic said. BH-Gas management confirmed this information as well.

According to Jasmin Salkic, director of this state-owned company, they agree that there will be a reduction in the price of gas to Sarajevogas, which will mean a lower price of gas to consumers.

“BH-Gas has already made partial calculations in recent days. Next week, we will do everything and start the procedure first under the Supervisory Board of BH-Gas, and then on. The percentage reduction will be determined next week and the price adjustment procedure will begin,” Salkic said.



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