New Twinning Project

A new Twinning project began last week in the BiH Indirect Taxation Authority. It is about the IPA 2011 Twinning Project entitled “Support to further EU acquis alignment of the Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

With this project cooperation that the ITA until now has had with the Ministry of Finance of Austria and the Customs Administration of Slovenia has upgraded, and the permanent twinning adviser is Boris Kastelic from the Slovenian Customs Administration.

The project will last two years and is financed by funds from IPA 2011 in the amount of 2 million euros. The project is divided in 11 components in different areas of the ITA’s work. The main objective of all components is that legislation on indirect taxation is harmonized and progresses in accordance with EU standards.

The first workshop on the analysis of the situation in legislation that covers the ‘’excise’’ took place on 6 February. Experts from ITA and the Slovenian Customs Administration worked together to compare the excise BiH legislation with EU directives in the area of excise and prepare possible amendments to the Law on Excise in BiH. The workshop was held in the local languages and facilitated the activities of the working group.

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