New: Ultrasound Protection from Birds at the Sarajevo Airport

Alibeg Protection ekapija.baIn the past several months, the company Alibeg Ltd. Sarajevo, the only company in the region which offers professional resolution of problems with birds in industrial zones, hangars, and halls, had several significant projects. However, one of the most significant projects is the protection of the Sarajevo International Airport, thus the company added another renowned name on the long list of completed projects.

“Following the example of world airports and based on research of possible risks that birds might cause in air traffic, our airport implemented the first in a series of projects of installing ultrasound protection by the renowned company BIRD-X from Chicago, which is definitely a number one in the world when it comes to the mentioned problem,” stated the company Alibeg, highlighting that they are the only representative of this world brand in this region.

The company Alibeg Ltd. Sarajevo, led by the Director Adis Alihodžić, records one success after another. After the shopping center OTOKA, the paper factory Natron Hayat Maglaj, City Hall Sarajevo, Junuzović-kopex, and over 800 private houses and other facilities, they have added the Sarajevo Airport to their list of references.

In the previous four years, Alibeg Ltd. Sarajevo has been entrusted by a large number of renowned companies in B&H and broader, who resolved issues caused by birds.

(Source: akta.ba)


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