New York Cube made in Srebrenica won the US Market

12884458_1744550959114914_218037179_nAid Rifatbegovic, the artist who invented and designed Sarajevo Cube, the official souvenir of the Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo, did not stop at the local level. He went to the US market with the concept of the cube.

Already from November last year, he started with the production of the New York Cube, and from May last year, he started making Vienna Cube.

All of this shows that if you have a universal idea, you can expand it to the global market.

Cube Company Ltd., whose owner is Rifatbegovic, has part of the production in Sarajevo, and in the last 4 months they transferred part of production or certain stages of assembling in Srebrenica through the project ‘Economic Empowerment of Srebrenica’, conducted by the Collective with the support of the Embassy of the United Kingdom. At the moment, 12 young people are working on the production of souvenirs in workshop in Srebrenica, and soon there should be 15 of them.

About how he came up with this idea, Rifatbegovic says that a couple of years he was thinking about the concept of ”a city in the cube’,’ which is a universal concept that can be applied to every city in the world.

”As you had a glass ball that was invented in Vienna and then it spread to the entire world and now you have every city in the ball, the form of my cube is the same, it contains a story of a city in itself when it opens,” said this designer.

After the recent presentation on two fairs in the US, interest for making cubes is now  presented for the cities of Chicago, for which samples have already been sent, and Cleveland, and interest in this concept is also shown by the company Virgin from Saudi Arabia, which has its own shops in Mecca, Medina, Riyadh, Beirut and Jerusalem.



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