Construction of Airport in Trebinje should start in Spring Next Year

The construction of the airport in Trebinje should start in the spring of next year, for which 83,094,688 BAM have been allocated in the budget of Serbia for 2021, it was announced today in Belgrade after the meeting between the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republika Srpska George Popovic and the Minister of Construction , traffic and infrastructure of Serbia Tomislav Momirovic.

“We have already foreseen five billion dinars in our budget for next year for that project. We hope that next year we will start the first works and that we will invest more seriously during 2021 in order to start this project and so that it will gain momentum “, said Momirovic after the meeting.

He pointed out that the Government of Serbia will make an effort to realize that project and other investments that they are realizing together with the Republika Srpska, despite the situation with the coronavirus.

“The plan is for the construction of the airport in Trebinje to start at the beginning of the second quarter of next year, ie in the spring,” Momirovic added.

It was planned, as previously announced, that the first planes would take off from the airport in Trebinje at the end of 2021, when they could be reached from Belgrade to Trebinje in about 40 minutes, the Srna agency reported.

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