New visual identity of the Central Bank of BiH, read what it means

As of January 1, 2022, the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) started implementing a new logo that will be used in all types of communication and public presentation of the institution.

The new logo was chosen after the competition procedure and will replace the previous logo, which derives from the title of the memorandum adopted by the CBBH in 2000. The process of drafting the solution of the new CBBH logo was initiated by the need to improve and modernize the visual identity of the institution.

The CBBH logo is defined by a sign and a specific printout, the relationship between the logo elements and specific colours use.

The symbolic part of the logo is a hexagon form. Hexagon is a form symbolising harmony and balance, which is the base for one of the most perfect natural forms, a honey-comb. The inside of the hexagon sign includes a number of lines of different values creating an active and dynamic game of inner space. The parts created in such way form, in their mutual relation, a specific triangle which is a defining symbol of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The sign, by its fragmented structure, is associated with a form of the nest. The nest, as a symbol, internationally, suggests complexity, sophistication, commitment, knowledge, the atmosphere of home, protection, safety. All the mentioned attributes reflect the vision and mission of the Bank as the central financial institution in the country. The sign is defined by the complex element structure reflecting complexity of this institution’s activities, while the stressed vertical setting suggests growth and prosperity.

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