Nina Suomalainen Will Meet With Mayors from Five BiH Municipalities Tomorrow

The Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH Nina Suomalainen will speak tomorrow in Sarajevo with five women elected to mayoral positions on projects of the Mission for this year.

She will meet with the mayors of municipalities of Kalinovic Milena Komlenović, Novi Grad Snježana Rajilić, Mrkonjić Divna Aničić, South Doboj Jasminka Begić and Visoko Amra Babić.

From the 142 municipalities in BiH, there were 29 female candidates, and 5 received the trust of voters to the position of mayor for the next four years.

The OSCE Mission has been developing partnerships between female politicians and civil society organizations in order to raise the level of awareness about the priorities of women, to increase interest in women running for office, and to offer support to activists to more efficiently lobby political parties to include women in their list of candidates.

The meeting will be held in restaurant “Felini” at 14:30.


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