Nine Returnee Families to move into a newly constructed Residential Building in Ustikolina?

Nine families of refugees and displaced persons will receive key of their apartments in the newly built residential building in Ustikolina, on October 31, as part of the Regional Housing Program in BiH.

The State Housing Project under the Regional Housing Program is aimed at providing housing care for 5,400 families or 14,000 refugees and displaced persons in BiH.

The total value of the project for BiH amounts to 101 million EUR, as announced by the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH.

The share of BiH is around 15 million EUR, and the majority of costs were financed from the multi-donor Fund of the Regulatory Housing Program, which is managed by the Development Bank of the Council of Europe.

The main donor of this program is the European Union, and significant contributions were provided by the US Government, the governments of Italy, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Turkey, and many others. Moreover, the UNHCR and OSCE provided strong support to this program.

(Source: ST)

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