Official:Application of B&H for EU Membership until February 2016?

zvizdicChairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H Denis Zvizdic stated that the Government of B&H in the next few months, as early as February 2016, will submit the application for EU membership.

Zvizdic answered negatively to the question whether, as previously stated, the application for membership to the EU should be submitted on the 9th of December, when the members of the B&H Presidency’s will be visiting Brussels.

“That is way too early. There are certain tasks in front of us, especially regarding negotiating position in the sense of adjusting to the SPP so that the 9th of December is really date by which we cannot possibly realize it. However, if we say that it will happen within the next few months and as early as February next year, then it is relevant and realistic framework and deadline within which we will meet the requirements and submit a credible application,” said Zvizdic.

“Although there was no opportunities for some longer meetings due to the tight schedule, I used my time to introduce them about our intentions that relatively quickly, in the next few months, we will submit the application for EU membership. I informed them about the progress that was achieved in the level of the dynamics of the realization of projects in the field of European integration,” stated Zvizdic.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H stated that “the most important thing is that he received support from every prime minister he spoke to, and that they are very positive about the European path of B&H”.

“I think that during the submission of the application, if we meet the requirements that B&H received very quickly, they will positively respond to this application,” concluded Denis Zvizdic, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H.


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