Officially confirmed: Al Thani bought majority of Bosmal Building for 35.2 million BAM

Firma Al Thani Ltd. Sarajevo purchased most of the premises in the Residence and Business Complex Bosmal in Sarajevo for 35.2 million BAM, as confirmed by the Municipal Court in Sarajevo.

As reported earlier, one of the members of the Qatar royal family Al Thani, Shaykh Zayed Mohammed bin Zayed, who lives in the United Arab Emirates, purchased most of the premises in Bosmal from UniCredit Bank Ltd. Mostar.

The Municipal Court stated that the execution procedure was terminated, and with the joint submission from June 7, 2017, the executing investigator, executor and bank creditor of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad informed the court that they reached an agreement on the properties that are the subject of execution in this enforcement procedure to be sold through a direct agreement. The Court established that the legal conditions for this sale were fulfilled.

According to data from the Registry of Business Entities of BiH, the founders of the company are Al Thani Companies Group (United Arab Emirates) and BCC Management Ltd. (Sarajevo). It is interesting that the company BCC Management from Sarajevo is owned by the former owners of Bosmal, that is, the Sabanovic family.

Firma Al Thani Ltd. Sarajevo was established in November last year with a capital of 4, 000 BAM (2, 000 BAM by Al Thani Companies Group and 2, 000 BAM by BCC Management). In the part that is related to the administration, Edina Karasuljic was named as director.

To recall, on sale were 231 apartments, 97 in the tower A and 134 in the tower B, 371 garages, i.e. parking place, and 46 business premises and restaurants. As earlier announced, a total of 648 units with the value of 83,404,831 BAM and the total area of 43,915.46 square meters were sold.


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