Oil Spills discovered in Jala River, is Tuzla lying on Oil Reserves?

oil spills TuzlaOil spills were recorded at several places in the concrete riverbed of Jala, the small river that flows through Tuzla.

Residents of the settlement Bekici in Slavinovici noticed these spills on both sides of the riverbed. Some of them even burned dark liquid spills in disbelief to ensure that it really is the oil, but no one has an explanation why they appeared.

It has been mentioned for a long time that the region of Majevica is rich in oil, but some serious studies have never been done to scientifically prove this claim.

In the settlement Bare, on the road Tuzla – Priboj, there is oil rising from several places in the yard of one of the citizens. People are coming and taking it in cans and using for various things like smaller engines, and some of them even for treatment, because they claim that oil cures cancer.

Aside with all speculations, the appearance of oil in Jala River must be investigated from the ecological point of view as soon as possible.

Although Jala River is almost a dead river, the larger leak of oil could destroy all the flora and fauna, and not to mention that Jala is pouring in Spreca River, which could cause serious environmental problems in this entire region.

(Source: klix.ba)

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