Old Manuscripts from Trebinje transferred to Sarajevo

10419816_1128802833837338_1584664019_nOld Arabic manuscripts have been transferred from Trebinje to the Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Library and are currently in the book recovery laboratory.

Dejan Bošnjak, MA in Economic Sciences and director of the Hotel Platani in Trebinje, found five manuscripts in Arabic and Ottoman Turkish language in the walls of an old stone house he was renovating. He notified the local imam Sadmir Effendi Mustafić about the manuscript. Mustafić addressed the Prof. Dr. Ismet Bušatlić from the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in Sarajevo for help.

Prof. Dr. Bušatlić stated that it is very likely that those manuscripts were walled up during the rebellions in Herzegovina or during the arrival of the Austro-Hungarians, when many ulema families moved to Turkey.

The manuscripts arrived in the Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Library. They have been handed over to the Department for restoration and conservation by the member of the Majlis of Islamic Community Trebinje, Mustafa Galijatović.

It was determined that those are fragments of two manuscripts of Quran, one dictionary of Persian language, one guidebook in Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) and a guidebook in Islamic belief (Aqaid).


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