Oldest Building in B&H: Daorson found in Siroki Brijeg?

monumentIn the small village Dobrinj, in the northern part of the village of Gornji Crnac, near Siroki Brijeg, the Hellenistic monumental buildings of the ancient city of Daorsi was found under great Illyrian ruins.

According to the geologist Goran Glamuzina, one factor of this discovery is the fact that this, we can say new Daorson, was buried under layers of large amounts of fallen stone and rocks for more than 2,000 years, which had a form of one large pile for decades, and only very few people could even imagine that something might be placed underneath.


Oldest Building in B&H

The position of this new Daorson is indeed totally unexpected because it is located, according to many previous theories of local archaeologists, on the territory of Illyrian tribe Delmatae, however, that theory has been completely changed now, and the new map of the territory of the Illyrian tribe Daorsi was drawn on the right side of the Neretva where their northwestern boundary is moved up to the village Rakitna and Sutina, or more specifically until the eastern end of Rakitsko polje, which is located north of Posusje.

“If we consider the fact that Delmatian culture was found in the area of Rakitna and Sutina, therefore by the purely logical thinking we can conclude with certainty that the first Delmatae on their biggest quest from there to the southeast somewhere during the 2nd century B.C, first encountered or conquered this newfound abode of Daorsi in Dobrinj, where they most certainly destroyed and burned their monumental megalithic temple that quickly resulted in the transformation of the former monumental temple into one big pile, which stood like that here for more than 2,000 years until recently, when the author recognized and discovered what is actually hiding underneath the pile,” wrote geologist Glamuzina.

(Source: akta.ba)

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