Application of Electronic Ticketing in the Commercial Bus Lines to start

electronicImplementation of electronic ticketing in the buses of KJKP GRAS which are operating on the route Dobrinja – Vijecnica (City Hall), the so-called “Commercial Bus Line,” will start at the beginning of November.

This was announced by Minister of Transport of the Sarajevo Canton Mujo Fiso during yesterday’s signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation with company Lupon Ventures Ltd. Sarajevo which will fund and implement this pilot project.

“The implementation of the new system for the issuing, sale and cancellation of electronic tickets on this test ‘line ‘ is fully financed by the company ‘Lupon Ventures.’ This is the beginning of the implementation of the project of electronic ticketing in all public transportation vehicles that the ministry is advocating for a long time. The new payment system will speed up the transportation, reduce crowds and speed up charging of tickets in public transportation, “said Minister Fiso. According to him, the public will be informed soon about all necessary details regarding the way of purchase and use of these cards.

Emina Hodzic, a spokesperson of Lupon Ventures Ltd. announced that citizens will be able to buy their electronic tickets and extend them at the newsstands or via the Internet and mobile applications.

(Source: akta.ba)

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