Olympic Committee of BIH is organising Summer Olympic Academy

olovo webOlympic Committee BIH, in cooperation with NATO HQ Sarajevo is organising the Summer Olympic Academy, reports Fena.

The project has two parts, and the first part, the Olympic Academy was realized in late Janurary, said the Olympic Committee of BIH.

The aim of the project is to teach high school students about the basic Olympic values, about the sport in BIH and the idea of multiculturalism of BiH.

The project is a big step in strengthening the capacity of developing new approaches, activities and strategies which have the aim to promote friendship, tolerance and solidarity among BiH youth.

Thirty six high school students from 14 to 18 year of age will participate, and they’ll be chosen based on their achievement in school, and they’ll have the opportunity to promote Olympic values in their local communities.

Students will come from Fojnica, Olovo, East Doboj, Višegrad, Trebinje, Prijedor, Jajce, Livno i Široki Brijeg and they’ll have the opportunity to meet the best sports workers of BIH and they’ll have lecture in the Olympic Museum of Sarajevo.

The project is important for the Olympic Committee because it promotes actions against discrimination based on race, ethnicity, politics, religion, gender and violence in sport.

The Academy is financed by NATO HQ of Sarajevo, and it is being implemented by the Olympic Committee of BiH.

(photo: okbih)

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