“One Country outside the EU”: The European Migrant Center to be placed in BiH?

The reform of European Union’s policy on the issue of asylum has failed, and no one expects a consensus to be reached on the EU summit that will be held on June 28 and 29.

The main issue are quotas for dividing refugees in EU countries because some countries – Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, as well as Austria – are against it. Other countries, such as Italy and Greece that are located on the external borders of the EU, are asking for more solidarity.

Austrian Minister of Internal Affairs Herbert Kickl said that illegal migrations have to be prevented with the “better protection of external borders”.

However, reports published in Austrian and Danish media talk about some new plans. Thus, Kronen Zeitung wrote that Denmark, together with Austria and some other countries, is planning to place asylum seekers on some “not so attractive places in Europe”.

The opening of a migrant center in “one country” outside the EU is planned. The Prime Minister of Denmark Lars Lockle Rasmussen stated that these plans are “relatively wide” when it comes to this issue.

It is symptomatic that Western media often mention BiH when it comes to the new Balkan migrant routes. Peter Webinger, the first man of the Department for Asylum, Migration and Human Rights at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria, even mentioned the term “mosque route” because, according to him, migrants have “the help of mosques”on their road through BiH.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was the first to mention migrant accommodation in third countries.

“Illegal migrants should be stopped at the external borders of the EU and returned to their countries of origin. If this is not an option, then they should receive temporary assistance in centers placed in safe third countries,” said Kurz.

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