One hundred Children played against Zeljeznicar in a charity Match

Football club Zeljeznicar and Association organized a humanitarian match between 100 children from Sarajevo football schools and 11 first team players of the Blues (Plavi), the game was played at the Grbavica Stadium in Sarajevo and the final result was 7-3 for the young players.

The match with completely different football rules lasted 50 minutes, more precisely two halves of 25 minutes each, and in the end, the boys and girls from Sarajevo football schools were better and celebrated their victory.

Clearly, the winners also had a big advantage, considering that there were 100 of them on the field, and an important note to the game was given by the audience at the stadium who greeted all the moves with a great atmosphere.

This match was certainly an unusual experience for all Zeljeznicar football players, but also unforgettable for members of Sarajevo football schools.

Several penalties were played at the match, and all allowed, but also illegal elements of football were seen. In any case, this humanitarian-sports event could be watched with pleasure.

It is important to mention that the income from tickets and sponsors will be donated to the fund of the Association for the treatment of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The Mozzart company paid 2.000 BAM to the fund of the Association for each goal of the first team of Zeljeznicar, and we thank them on this occasion. Perutnina Ptuj decided to sponsor the goals of boys and girls in the amount of 5.000 BAM, BH Post in the amount of 2.000 BAM, and the identical amount of money will be paid by the Association of Banks. The boys’ goal was awarded by Telemach, then BH Post, Hifa Oil, and Ankora, writes.


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