One Person working in Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Coronavirus Positive



The coronavirus appeared in Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was confirmed for “Avaz“.

According to the first information, one person was infected with the Covid-19 virus.
As it was explained, he is an employee of the Sector for Finance of the Parliament of BiH.
Authorities have not yet commented on whether this will affect the work of both houses of the BiH Parliament.

Also, two people have been infected with the coronavirus at the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Avaz has learned.

This information was confirmed for “Dnevni Avaz” by Denis Hadzovic, the head of the Office of Minister Bisera Turkovic.

However, these people were not in contact with the minister and were sent to self-isolation.

One person found out she was infected on Friday and another one today. All contacts are advised to contact their doctors.

Also, Minister Turković, as Hadžović told Avaz, undertook special checks and precautions with contacts.

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