Only Certified Guides Will Be Able To Hold Tours for Tourists

kravica-waterfall-bosnia-shutterstock_35104060-600Guests who visit Sarajevo and other BiH cities will only be able to have a tour by a certified tourist guide, who has to speak foreign languages well, know the history of the cities and interesting stories about the sights in the area’’, said the President of the Tourist Association of BIH Zoran Bibanović to “Dnevni Avaz”.

“We have such tours now, but for years people are doing this job without a diploma. We wish to get rid of this practice and bring order in this field, because the law has to be respected and to follow European norms that other coutnries in the region are already following’’, said Bibanović.

According to him, there is a plan for guides to go through a one-semester course, after which they would receive a certificate, to work throughout the region.

“After the training, our guides will be able to travel with guests on all tourist tours. During the bus ride, they will speak to guests about the cities through which they are passing and the beauty that surrounds them’’, explained Bibanović.

Those who successfully pass would be able to lead tours throughout Europe. Bibanović said that agency guides are already doing this even if they are not trained for it, and everyday there are tours around Prague, Budapest, Italy, etc…

“They also have to pass through training and have at least a basic knowledge of world history and art, the Renaissance, eras…, said Bibanović.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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