Only Croatia Airlines has not completely canceled Operations from Sarajevo Airport


Most airlines have temporarily canceled flights to and from Sarajevo, so far only Croatia Airlines has not completely canceled operations, but operates flights from Sarajevo to Zagreb once a day, said a spokeswoman for the Sarajevo International Airport Sanja Bagaric.

Turkish Airlines previously announced that it should have the last flight to Sarajevo on Friday, March 27th. “Even though Wizz Air has not yet been officially confirmed, it most likely had the last flight to Sarajevo yesterday,” Bagaric said.

She added that “the decision to close the airport, as in other countries, can only be made by the competent authorities, and the decision would only apply to commercial flights.”

“The ban would not apply to humanitarian and health care operations, and the delivery of cargo, and the example is today’s assistance from the United States of America, which arrived via Sarajevo International Airport. Assistance arrived in the afternoon with a U.S. Army aircraft and equipment will be donated to fight coronavirus. Through Sarajevo International Airport, assistance should soon come from the European Union, Turkey and China,” Bagaric said.


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