Opening of vijecnica to public not possible today

vijecnicaThe EU Delegation, as Contracting Authority for the reconstruction works on ‘Vijecnica’, regrets to inform the public that the proposed opening of the building for general public visits, announced by the Sarajevo City Administration, is not possible.

Reconstruction works are still ongoing and Vijecnica remains a construction site. According to the reconstruction timetable, the whole works project is due to end on 4 July 2014; if the contractor now works continuously and the necessary legal procedures are completed for the relevant permits, it should be possible to open the Vijecnica in ‘final state’ for the proposed concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on June 28.

The EU Delegation as Contracting Authority, with the kind assistance and efforts of the contractors, was able to accommodate the City’s request for a limited symbolic event on May 9, for which the building was only occupied for a few hours.

However it is a contractual obligation that the building is handed over to its owner and all its final users in a completely finished state.

The EU Delegation also takes this opportunity to recall that the actual beneficiary of the project is the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH on behalf of the owner, Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are a number of eventual secondary beneficiaries/users, of which the City is only one, all of whom deserve to receive the building in a completely finished state.

Our aim is a completely finished Vijecnica, according to the reconstruction works timetable, that is then fully accessible to all its eventual users and all citizens.


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