Orange Meteoalarm: Strong Wind to be expected in BiH

According to the forecasts of the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute of BiH, the orange meteoloram has been issued for Wednesday when a strong wind, with the strength up to 80 kilometers per hour, is expected to hit BiH.

As stated in the warning, the meteoalarm will be issued from 12 AM on December 27, until 6 AM on December 28, and it refers to the majority of our country, except the northeast and north.

It was forecasted that these parts of our country will be hit by strong winds and storms, with the strength between 55 and 80 kilometers per hour.

Weather in Bosnia will be mostly cloudy at the end of the week, and with some snow on Tuesday and in the night from Thursday to Friday. The weather in Herzegovina will be mostly sunny, with some cloudiness expected on Friday.

Morning temperatures will be between – 9 ºC and -3 ºC in Bosnia, and from – 3 ºC to 2 ºC in Herzegovina. Maximum temperatures during the week will be up to 3 ºC in Bosnia and up to 6 ºC in Herzegovina. The lowest temperatures are expected on Wednesday, December 27.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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