Outdoor Fitness in “Safet Zajko” Center

fitnessBy setting up the outdoor fitness in the park of the Sports-Recreational Center Safet Zajko” in Halilovici, the Municipality Novi Grad is promoting healthy lifestyle.

It is our desire to encourage the residents of our local community to physical activity with the goal of preventing various diseases, and primarily the problem of excessive weight, it was announced.

The idea was to enrich the recreational zone and along with the built walking trails, children’s playgrounds, running track, football fields and basketball courts, offer outdoors fitness as well.

Six devices for the adults have been set up: the sitting chairs, lever chair – pushing for two persons, swinging platform, paddling device, movable seat – the rider, and parallel bars on a column.

The devices were especially designed, have a functional and attractive look, and the most important is that the way they are produced guarantees safety to the users while using them. The devices are also resistant to vandalism, and each device contains an inscription with the instructions for use, a warning, and the descriptions of the functions that the body performs while doing exercises.

(Source: klix.ba)

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