Member of the Crisis Staff reveals when the Easing of Measures will happen


Member of the Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health and Assistant Minister for Public Health Goran Cerkez confirmed that 779 citizens have been tested in the past 24 hours and 14 of them are positive for coronavirus.

Cerkez explained that a total of 11.975 residents of Canton Sarajevo have been tested. Women are slightly more affected in BiH with 54 percent of them infected with coronavirus compared to men (46 percent), Fena news agency reports.

“Number of recovered patients is increasing and we have a continuity of positive test numbers, there is no increase, which will be a good basis for us to decide on easing certain measures already in the next week, and the first among them should be to allow persons older than 65 years and under 18 years to go out in certain days and hours,” Cerkez confirmed.

Speaking about lifting the measures, Cerkez said that personal hygiene measures, keeping physical distance and wearing masks and gloves would still have to be respected.

“The measures will be abolished successively, and I ask our citizens for a little bit more patience and not to compare our situation and measures with the measures in the region. We need to know that the first case in BiH was registered on March 9, while in Croatia the first case was registered on February 25. We have to be careful and more responsible as a society,” he explained.


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