Over 1,600 Migrants reside in Republika Srpska Entity

On the territory of four cities in Republika Srpska, 1,686 illegal migrants were found in the first half of the year, was stated from the entity police on Monday.

During this period, the greatest migration pressure was in Semberija.

In the territory operatively covered by the Bijeljina Police Department for six months this year, 762 migrants were found illegally crossing the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Of the total number of controlled migrants, most of them are from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

In the same period, 433 migrants were found d in the area operationally covered by Bosanska Gradiška Police Department, while 491 were found in Prijedor and Kozarska Dubica.

Ministry of Interior of Republika Srpska has repeatedly stated that there is no possibility for this BiH entity to receive that number of persons and that an enhanced migrant wave is expected in the coming period.

They consider that there are enough agencies at BiH level that can and should deal with the problem of migration and that there is no need to form a new body or institution to deal with this issue.

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