Over 300 Migrants accommodated in New Reception Center


The Una-Sana Canton Police (USC) conducts actions daily to move migrants and refugees to the newly opened reception camp at the Lipa site.

The new migration center, which is about thirty kilometers away from the center of Bihac, has already accommodated 320 people from abandoned buildings and from the streets.

It was also pointed out that a police department had been formed in the camp itself, that is, police officers would supervise the security situation in the newly built reception center on the Lipa site for 24 hours.

It has also been confirmed that engaged medical teams will do triage when entering the Lipa camp.

The current capacity of the newly opened reception camp accommodates around 1,000 people, while the relocation action could take several days due to detailed medical examinations.

“Lipa” is equipped with all necessary infrastructure to provide the beneficiaries with basic humanitarian needs in the form of accommodation, food, hygiene, sanitation and medical care.

In November last year, the City Council of the City of Bihac approved the location of Lipa as the only one owned by the City of Bihac to establish a temporary reception center for migrants, Klix.ba news portal reports.

The settlement should contain 1,106 containers. According to the plan document, Camp Lipa should have 728 migrant housing containers, 252 sanitary containers, 126 administrative containers that will house police, the Red Cross, medical teams, registration area, NGOs and media, and a central kitchen with dining room. There is also space for entertaining, education and recreation.

The future camp would be located on an area of nearly 83,000 square meters.

Containers contain windows, parquet floors and everything that migrants need for a comfortable stay, and the outside is decorated in a variety of colors. A recreation area, walks and rest area with trees and benches are also provided. The kitchen will cover an area of nearly 18 thousand square meters. It is also important to emphasize that men will be separated of from woman and children.

There are already existing roads to this location, but it is necessary to build 4,5 thousand meters of internal roads and to provide water, electricity and sewage.

It is still unknown when construction will begin, but it is known that it should do so as soon as a new migrant wave is expected in the spring. Camp Lipa is located between Bosanski Petrovac and Bihać.

The site could be accepted by the European Commission, given that it is city-owned and remote from populated areas.

The problem could possibly be posed by the Republic of Croatia, given that this village is near the border with that country.

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